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Why choose hugh spectrum latex north ecological product.


Vc.Latex natural latex
product features

1. Natural latex, frankincense Sleep

Natural latex extracted from oak emulsion formed, will emit a faint smell of milk, mild skin-friendly glue, can adapt nerves relaxed, gentle mood to help sleep.

2. Naturally breathable, elastic and comfortable

Natural latex natural ventilation does not suck dust, heat and have a soft comfort features, all parts of the body in full contact with latex flat, so that every inch of your skin totally feel special breathable elastic latex, so that the body's bones to be fully protected.

3.Best support features to protect the body skeleton

Natural latex made up of millions of bubbles body composition, average body parts to the most appropriate support, allowing the body to the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, spine compression average, allowing the body to be protected all the bones.

4. The best heat dissipation

Natural latex foam, made up of millions of bubbles peer group made three-dimensional arrangement of the mesh, latex bubble structure allows for better heat dissipation and support force.

5. Long-term durability

Natural latex pillow made out of latex and latex mattresses, it's durable for up to 10-15 years, and elastic shape function is not bad, because it's fine natural latex foam can be prolonged to maintain flexibility without deformation.

6. Natural anti-bacteria function mite

After the juice through a natural latex foam, rubber will release a protein that can effectively prevent the bacteria to survive and prevent allergies, so the natural latex is the most effective anti-mite and anti-bacterial plant materials, especially for people who have asthma symptoms, it is must have a good factory goods.

7. Anti-vibration tamper

In millions of bubbles easily support care, even if you are tossed on the mattress, it will not affect people who slept around, which is generally available in the market can not do ordinary spring mattress bed.

8. Allergy

Oak natural latex proteins can inhibit the bacteria system, python breeding insects, and no static, so that people who suffered from asthma and allergic rhinitis, respiratory system plagued by deep benefit.

9. Natural environmental pollution

Natural latex extracted from oak emulsion formed is the essence of nature, the nature of the natural environment on human life without any hazard to human life is full of comfort and happiness.

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