The greatest wealth is health

Why choose hugh spectrum latex north ecological product.

Environment friendly

Presently, global warming becomes the most important issue that everybody around the world pays attention to and tries to solve.

Forest actually helps for Carbondioxide circulation and absorption. Planting rubber trees, with their longevity over 20 – years old, is able to replace t he others kind of plants and to cause biological varieties. Thailand has the rubber plantation areas , which expect its capacity in absorbing Carbondiox ide

would be not less than 16 million metric tons/year From the above-stated data concerning the importanc e of rubber in positive vision for global environmental condition, especially for decreasing global warming

Benefits of natural latex foam

• Manufactured only with latex obtained from rubber trees. No synthetic rubber, no filler.
• Open cell structure for free air circulation and prevention of excessive perspiration. It behaves like a living organism which breaths.
• Extreme elasticity and durability : retains its shape and structure No sagging after many years of use .
• Recovers very quickly from compression. Allows free movement to the different parts of the mattress, thus avoiding disturbance to the partner sleeping besides you.
• Hypoallergenic and bactericidal properties : very safe product for children and adults.
• 7 density zones for a perfect adjustment to the different parts of the body.
• Biodegradable product and so environment friendly.

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