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Why choose hugh spectrum latex north ecological product.

Production Flowchart

Manufacturing Process Thailand is the world largest (33%) supply Latex, r ubber in the world and as well as the best quality of material too.
At the basis of our concept pure natural latex, obt ained by drawing sap from the bark of the hevea tre e. Then the essence follows a centrifuging process to give concentrated latex, which is mixed soap and transformed into foam with an aerator. This foam is poured into aluminium moulds and vulcanized with steam to give its final shape and structure. Mattre ss is the removed from the mould, carefully washed and finally dried. At Latex Systems, every stage follows very strict p rocedures that guarantee the quality and the stabil ity of the finished goods. We are certified by Eco-Umwe lt Institute laboratory and LGA QualiTest GmbH from Germany. As creators of value and actors in the global econo my, one of our main concerns is to protect the environment and encourage sustainable development. The use of natural and renewable resources is consistent with this vision.

1. Harvest

Latex is harvested from the best heveas plantations in Thailand and concentrated in centrifuging machines

2. Latex maturation

Raw materials are continuously analyzed in our laboratory by skilled chemists.

3. Raw materials analysis

Maturation at stable temperature ensures correct homogeneity of compound.

4. Ball mill

Additives are milled in order to reduce particle size and optimize suspension.

5. Foaming

Compound is then transformed into foam with a continuous foaming machine and poured into aluminium moulds.

6. Vulcanizing

Steam vulcanization will give the mattress its final shape and structure.

7. Demolding

Moulds are then opened and mattresses are removed.

8. Washing

Each mattress is washed 3 times to ensure entire product safety.

9. Drying

Mattresses follow a natural drying process in ovens with hot air.

10. Cutting

Products can be sliced to any thickness with an horizontal cutting machine.

11. Quality Control

Quality Control is performed at every stage of manufacturing process.

12. Packaging

Individual packaging is a guarantee of optimal protection.

13. Shipping

Mattresses are finally shipped to Thailand and overseas

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