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Why choose hugh spectrum latex north ecological product.

why vc latex

Supportive & Comfort

With the uniquely design our latex mattress to have different pin cores for 7 zones support, It has th e capability to support any sleeping position and dyn amically responds to your every curve and contour t o provide outstanding orthopaedic support. The indep endent cell construction of natural latex also provide good motion isolation so movement you make on the bed will be absorbed allowing two people to share the same bed without disrupting each other with every motion, guarantying you and your partner a good night’s sleep all night long.

Breathable & Airflow

Another attractive feature of natural latex is tis ‘breathability’ aspect. Integrating on open cell st ructure with an pin core design all over the mattress allow for maximum breathability essential for removing excess heat and moisture. This means that the mattr ess can make you feel comfortable no matter the season or weather is.

Pressure relief

With the uniquely dense cell structure of latex mat tress provides elastic properties that eliminate bo dy impressions and the sagging center. Its high resili ent also help conform to every curve and contour of the body at any different weigh, so it relieves pre ssure points softly, allows better blood circulatio n and helps bring oxygen and nutrients to muscle.

Eco-friendly, Biodegradable & Recyclable

As the natural latex mattress made from all natural ingredients, It is ‘green’ mattress option which is biodegradable and recyclable for those who are envi ronmental-concern like you.

Uniquely healthy

As natural latex has no added chemical making it a truly all natural material assuring you that it is not off gassing unnatural or toxic to your bedroom. So it i s a safe mattress for the good health of you and yo ur love.

Dust-mite resistant, antimic robial & Hypoallergenic

Another natural feature of latex mattress is its hy po-allergenic and anti-microbial quality. This mean s that moulds, mildew, bacteria and dust mite do not thrive in natural latex due to its unique organic property. So it is an ideal mattress for those who struggle with allergies and health-concern.

Exceptional Durability & Maintenance Free

With the unique characteristic of elasticity and re silience, natural latex is virtually eliminating bo dy impressions and resisting packing down. So it is ex ceptionally durability and maintenance free without tossing and turning.

Natural comfort Latex Foam

The natural rubber production standards. Long-lasting, not deformation. Despite being pressed for a long time. Ventilation air can Meat Rubber is not conducive to residential and bacterial growth.

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